Weather is a fundamental driver of building behavior, and weather data a key input for building energy performance simulation.

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Weather data represent an important prerequisite for BPS, so it is worth taking some time to select the right weather file. Some of the aspects to consider will be: <ul class="circleList"> <li> Location, to start with the most obvious. Still, one should not underestimate the impact of variations at a micro scale: the difference between measurements at the nearest airport (often the only available) and conditions in a city center may be significant.</li> <li> Simulation purpose: are you looking at average energy demand, peak heating loads, overheating risk? You may need different weather periods for each of these cases.</li> <li>Time: you may use simulation for future years, past periods (with calibration) or the days to come (for instance for model-based control). Unfortunately, the only freely available data is often aggregated weather for the past two or three decades.</li> </ul>